Beginning Wine Making, White/Rosé Wine Focus - Saturday August 10th 1-4pm

Keith Crowell

If you've ever wondered what it takes to turn fresh grapes into wine, or just need a refresher, then we’ve got the class for you. Join us as we learn the art of winemaking from harvest to bottle. We will walk through the steps required to make a great bottle of wine and discuss key decision making points along the way. Samples of homemade and professionally-made wine will be provided along with hands-on demonstrations of some of the tools and techniques required using a small batch of grapes. 

 This year, we’ve decided to do things a little differently and split the class into two different sessions, Red and White/Rosé. This session is for WHITE / ROSE WINE.

This class will be taught by Keith Crowell, co-founder of Les Voleurs wine and The Wine Thieves Wine Club. Keith began making wine with Oak Barrel Winecraft in 2008 and applied the skills he learned to launch a successful wine club and professional winery.