Air Tubes for Variable Capacity Tanks

Air Tubes for Variable Capacity Tanks

These air tubes are made for the Marchisio Variable Capacity tanks.  Please choose your size based on the chart below:

400 air tube fits (40cm):
80L Flat Bottom Tanks
100L Flat Bottom "Tall" Tanks

500 air tube fits (50cm):
100L Flat Bottom "Squat" Tanks
200L Flat Bottom "Tall" Tanks

650 air tube fits (65cm):
200L Flat Bottom "Squat" Tanks
250L Flat Bottom Tanks
300L & 400L Flat Bottom Tanks
300L & 400L Conical Tanks

800 air tube fits (80cm):
500L-700L Flat Bottom Tanks
500L-700L Conical Tanks

900 air tube fits (90cm):
800L-900L Flat Bottom Tanks
800L-900L Conical Tanks

1000 air tube fits (100cm):
1000L Flat Bottom Tanks
1000L Conical Tanks

Some sizes may not be listed.  Give us a call at (510) 849-0400 if you have any questions!