California Honey (1 lb.)

California Honey (1 lb.)

All of our honey comes from hives in California and is unadulterated, raw, and unfiltered to leave you with all of the nutrients that are often lacking in mass-produced honey from your big box grocer. Because we don't tamper and mix honeys, each varietal can vary from harvest to harvest. Honey doesn't spoil, but can crystallize if it cools too much. To remedy, place your honey container in warm to hot water and let sit until the honey liquefies. 

It is NOT recommended that children under the age of one consume honey. All of our containers are BPA-free for your health and safety, and are measured by weight, not volume (honey weighs more than water!).

Oak Barrel’s Light Wild Flower honey has subtle flavors of anise and spicy flowers.  The Clover honey will be much more neutral than the other options and result in a more champagne-like final product.  Orange Blossom is a common favorite, with distinct orange fruit characteristics.

Light honeys tend to have milder, sweeter flavors. Dark honeys have a bolder taste, and are rich in anti-oxidants.

Sold by the pound.