Sake Ingredient Kit

Sake Ingredient Kit

Our Sake making instructor Keith Crowell has  put together this Ingredient kits for making 4 gallons of Sake to complement his class being offered on Saturday May 13th 12 -3pm. Sign up!

Kit Includes:

  • 2 bags of Japanese Yellow Koji, total of 40 oz.
  • 10 lbs. Calrose Rice 70% Milled
  • 4 oz. Lactic Acid
  • 1 oz Yeast Nutrient
  • 1 oz. Epsom Salt
  • Wyeast 3134 Sake Yeast

In addition to these items you will also need to source Morton Salt Substitute (Potassium Chloride) and the Sake Equipment Kit. You should be able to get it from Safeway or other mainstream grocery stores.