8.5 Gal. S/S Brew Kettle with Options

8.5 Gal. S/S Brew Kettle with Options

A sturdy brewing kettle made of stainless steel, with two handles and a stainless steel lid. The 34 qt (8.5 gal) capacity is suitable for easily boiling 7.5 gallons of wort.  The kettle comes with two welded couplers, which can be fitted with the following options at reduced prices:

Ball Valve Assembly (+$25.00): A ball valve assembly is necessary if you intend to run off your wort without pouring or siphon.  You could also use as a recirculation port with the top coupler (see below.)
Thermometer (+$18.00): A thermometer is a great benefit in a mash tun or boil kettle.
Plug (+$4.50): If you're using this pot as a boil kettle and don't wish to have a thermometer, you'll need to plug the top coupler.
Other options:
Purchase a Street Elbow and Combo Nipple for the interior of the kettle if you intend to do a whirlpool.  This is especially useful in a boil kettle with a counter-flow chiller.
Purchase a Street Elbow for use in recirculating your whirlpool through the top coupler in a boil kettle.
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